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Lorintheory is a dynamic growing art collection founded by Lori Saint Rome in 2021. Our artwork is a powerful symbol of hope and empowerment, inspiring women to love and accept themselves unconditionally. Our stunning pieces are designed to uplift and inspire, reminding us of the beauty and strength within us all.

Each piece in our collection is thoughtfully created with vibrant colors and intricate textures, capturing the essence of self-love and empowerment. We celebrate the beauty of women from all walks of life, and our artwork is a symbol of hope and growth, reminding us of the infinite possibilities that lie within us. We are committed to inclusion and representation, and our collection features women of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Our artwork is more than just a decoration for your home or office; it's a daily reminder to love and accept yourself, to embrace your inner strength, and to empower yourself and others. Whether you're looking to add a touch of inspiration to your living space or to create a positive environment in your workplace, our collection is the perfect choice.



All pieces are drawn by hand and can take up to 16 hours or more of work.


Pieces are digital on premium textured giclee paper to allow for a satisfying tactile experience. Canvases are unique and created on premium matte canvas.


Pieces are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity and are numbered in chronological order. 01/10 per available sizes. Canvases are unique and only one is available per piece.



As a child, I was shy and reserved, but my grandmother encouraged me to express myself and find my voice. Over time, I learned to love and accept myself unconditionally. This journey of self-love has inspired my work as an artist, which is a reflection of my love for the natural world, fashion, and blooming where I am planted. Through my art, I strive to capture the beauty of life, nature, and people, especially women of color. I use vibrant colors and intricate textures to convey this beauty and to inspire others to appreciate and protect it. 

My work is focused on empowering women, to love and accept themselves as they are. I believe that there is power in seeing the beauty and magic in ourselves and letting ourselves shine. I encourage deep self-love, empowerment, and self-expression to inspire women to create safe spaces for themselves.

Whether I am creating individual pieces or full collections, my goal is to inspire others to love and accept themselves unconditionally. Through my art, I hope to create a world where self-love and empowerment are celebrated and where everyone can see the beauty in themselves and the world around them.



Lorintheory in the Press | Illustrations and Artwork
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Lorintheory Publications | Illustrations and Artwork

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