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Meet Our Founder

Lori creates illustrations inspired by nature, fashion, love, colors, and patterns. She has worked with various brands and publications and also enjoys creating prints for home decor purposes. Some clients include the LA Times, T Brand Studio, Jiggy Puzzle and more.

Lori has always been a creative and is also a photographer, content creator, engineer and creative director. She is the founder of Pikturelle, a photography brand. She was featured in many publications including photoVogue, Voyage MIA, and more. Her eye for composition and detail paired with a keen sense of aesthetics and design are what set her apart. She also takes self-portraits that allows her to express herself, promote her favorite brands, and document her adventures and travels. You can find her self-portraits here

In her free time, you can find her dancing, enjoying nature, traveling or directing photoshoots. 

Lori celebrates life through her art. She hopes her art inspires, brings beauty and peace to others whether her art is featured in publications, museums, stores, or in people's homes. 


Some Clients include Jiggy Puzzle, L.A. Times, T Brand Studio, Give'r and more.



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Commercial Licensing is available for select pieces.Wholesale rate is also available. Please Inquire below. 

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