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My art portfolio is a reflection of my passions and inspirations, drawing from my love for nature, life, fashion, and self-love. I find great joy in exploring the beauty and intricacies of the natural world, and many of my pieces are inspired by the colors, textures, and patterns found in nature. My love for life and all its complexities is also a frequent theme in my work, as I strive to capture the essence of the human experience in my art. Fashion is another area of inspiration for me, as I am drawn to the bold colors, shapes, and styles that make each person unique. Finally, self-love is a crucial element of my art, as I believe that true beauty comes from within, and I seek to create pieces that inspire and uplift the viewer. Each piece in my portfolio is a reflection of my passion for art and my dedication to creating meaningful and inspiring pieces.

-Lori Saint Rome

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